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"My husband and I knew we wanted a home birth, but felt we needed extra support to go down this route as it was our first baby, so we started to look into having a doula as research shows how beneficial having one would be. It turned out that Charlotte, my pregnancy-yoga teacher, was also a doula! Perfect.


Hiring Charlotte to support us before, during, and after our birth, made all the difference for us! We felt confident and supported with Charlotte, and ultimately ended up being able to have the relaxed home water-birth we wanted. She helped me with my breathing and positioning throughout the labour and I didn't need any pain relief, not even gas and air!


Charlotte proved to be extremely knowledgable on all aspects surrounding pregnancy, birth and coping/surviving with a newborn - including breastfeeding! Having first hand experience with four of her own children clearly helps, as does all her doula training and reading, but ultimately her huge passion for helping others with the birth they want shines through!

She is so caring and incredibly supportive and made sure my husband was included as much as he wanted to be during the whole birthing process.


We cannot recommend her highly enough, and if we're blessed to be expecting baby number two in the future, we'll be looking to book Charlotte to be our doula again for sure!"

Rebecca & Steve Swain, April 2014


"I went  to Charlotte's classes when I was pregnant with my 2.5 year old. I am still missing them now! It was a lovely interlude during the week and the information learned was invaluable. I was definitely less stressed and calmer when it came to the birth. The group is such a warm and friendly environment too - I wish all yoga classes were like this!"

Claire, Solihull 2014


"I went to Charlotte's pregnancy yoga classes. They were fantastic not only for the exercise but also for all of the useful information which you do not always get from your busy midwife. I have now started the post-natal yoga classes which have been a great start in getting back in shape"

Joanne, Solihull 2014


"Dear Charlotte, Thanks for all your support  and guidance over the past few months. I really appreciated it all and I know both of us got so much from the classes you did. Hopefully I will remember it all on the day!"

Angela &Tony, Solihull 2012


"I wanted to say thank you to you because I had the most wonderful, natural water birth, 11 hours from the first contraction to baby being born. I remembered  everything you said, the breathing , pushing only when I needed to not when I was told to which resulted in no tearing. It couldn’t have gone better and I can’t thank you enough for your teaching and knowledge because I know without it my labour would have been completely different. Xxx"

Helena, April 2014


"I am amazed by what I managed with your breathing exercises – got to 10cm on the TENS machine alone!!!!"

Becki, April 2014


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help during the pregnancy.
The midwives kept asking if I had done hypnoibirthing because the breathing I had learnt in your yoga sessions got me so in the zone!" x

Lisa, March 2014


Just wanted to let you know I birthed a baby boy last night!! A successful VBAC!!! Wanted to thank you for all your words of wisdom and encouragement!! I couldn’t have done it without you!!"

So thank you so much xxx" T, December 2012



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