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KG Hypnobirthing

What is Hypnobirthing?

I teach the KG Hypnobirthing method.This is a complete birth education programme that teaches simple very specific deep relaxation, breathing and self hypnosis techniques for a more comfortable and enjoyable birth experience.


Hypnobirthing cannot promise a perfect birth however it makes a huge difference as it is designed to release fear and provide confidence, educating you and your birthing partner in all aspects of childbirth and the many choices you have in how and where and with whom you wish to birth with. Giving you trust in your body's amazing and powerful ability to give birth.

As a mum who has hypnobirthed 2 of my babies I can vouch for how well it worked for me with quick and comfortable births where I remained calm and in control even whilst birthing a very premature baby.


The course includes the following:

What is hypnobirthing

Understanding how your mind and body work together

Your options before, during and after birth, recognising the signs of labour and what to expect during labour and how your body is designed to give birth with comfort.

Choices if the pregnancy/labour do not quite go to plan

Breathing exercises

Deep relaxation's


Fear release and confidence building

Massage, rebozo and other bodywork

The birth partners role in hypnobirthing

A simple practice regime to support you and you birthing partner at home


I run both group and private workshops for mums and their birthing partners. The course is held over 4 sessions for women and their birthing partners to start anytime from their 2nd Trimester and include the following course materials:


The Colour and Calmness CD (which is sent upon reservation and payment of the course), The Hynobirthing Book and a folder of scripts and handouts for practice at home plus support via phone or email if you need me.


Group classes - £220 limited to no more than 5 couples at a time

Private classes - £320

For Further Information, Please Call Charlotte Holloway on 07876 577639 or Email:

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