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What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word meaning “woman servant” and is summarised as providing social support for women and their families including physical comfort, emotional support, giving information on aspects of pregnancy and birth and advocacy during pregnancy, birth and after childbirth. We want to enable a woman and her family to feel empowered during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum days, to help the family have a positive birth experience.


It is the type of role that was traditionally provided by a female member of the extended family. In the UK, Doulas are becoming more and more popular as we can provide constant support before, during and after the birth. We really get to know the families and form strong bonds of trust with them. This is turn can have amazing effects on women giving birth.


Research has shown that having a doula present at a birth can:

Shorten first time labour by as much as 2 hours, simply because
the mother relaxes

Decreases the chance of a Caesarean section by as much as 50%

Decreases the need for pain medication

Helps the father feel confident participating in the birth

Increases the success of breastfeeding

Reduces the incidence of Postnatal Depression

Increases the satisfaction rates of birth.

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I completed my Birth Doula training with Nurturing birth in January 2011 and I am a recognised Birth Doula with Doula UK. I provide support to women in the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire areas and I am confident in supporting births which include:


Home Birth

Water Birth



Previous traumatic birth

Birth after pregnancy loss

Elective Caesarean

Low risk hospital birth

High risk hospital birth

First time parents

Parents of more than 1 child
Breech Birth


Birth is a very intimate occasion and it is important that the person you hire to be your Doula is someone that you click with and trust. I will visit with you for a free, no obligation initial meeting where you (and your partner) can ask any questions about my services and whether you want to book me as your Doula.


Birth Package £800


This includes:

2 Antenatal visits (more can be done either in lieu of a postnatal visit or at an additional cost of £40 per visit). This is done at times and dates to suit the parent/s.  It is a chance to discuss parent/s requirements and what is important to them. What their choices are surrounding the birth, where they want to give birth, relaxation and breathing techniques to use during the pregnancy and birth, positions to give birth in, pain relief options, feeding and anything else the parents may want to discuss.


An “on Call” period of 4 weeks (normally 38-42 completed weeks) where I will guarantee my presence when you need me. I will stay with you throughout all of the birth and I do not leave until either you want me to go or when the parents and baby are settled, this is regardless of whether your birth is 2 hours or 80!


If at home I will do all the clearing up leaving parents (normally asleep) in a tidy house, allowing them to fully relax and bond with their new addition.


2 Postnatal Visits  - the first visit is normally 2 days after the birth or after the parents come home from hospital where you will have the opportunity to talk about the birth, and a second visit 2 weeks postpartum. During these visits I can help support mum with breastfeeding , cook food, do light housework or just sit and be a listening ear.


Throughout the pregnancy and up to 2 weeks postpartum the parents have unlimited contact with me (within reasonable agreed hours) via phone, text and email.


Birth is a very personal and intimate time and because of this I do not take on more than one client at a time due during your on call period, this is to ensure that you get me when you want me rather than having to have shared care with other expectant parents during your on call time.


(for clients more than 25 miles outside Solihull, I do charge an additional 40 per mile). Upon taking on a booking, I ask for £200 non refundable deposit. The balance to be paid in full by 36 weeks.


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Doula Services

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