Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Birth Preparation Workshops and Doula Services

Yoga means the union between the mind and the body. In pregnancy it is a great way to exercise safely even if you have never done yoga before. Pregnant women are naturally more flexible during this time due to high levels of the hormone Relaxin and they enjoy gently stretching and exploring their flexibility.


Yoga postures help to open up different parts of the body and support the body during and after pregnancy. Through the practice of yoga we are taught to listen to the way our own body wants to respond and perform each posture with awareness and intelligence.


My classes allow you to experience yoga based exercise to calming music all specifically designed for pregnancy helping promote your physical wellbeing and prepare your body for birth and beyond.


Active Birth

Understand how to support the normal physiological process of birth, practice postures and movements for labour and explore your choices around birth.



Learn simple, calming breathing techniques allowing you to focus inwardly on your own rhythm which is key to helping you relax in labour as well as throughout your pregnancy and learning to parent.

Breathing is an important part of yoga. You will learn to breathe through the whole body, releasing tension. Research shows if labour is relaxed, it becomes much easier and shorter, bringing a gentle entry to the world for your baby.



Enjoy deep full body relaxation and take time out of your busy life just to be with yourself and your precious baby.



Catch up with other mums to be, share your experiences and make friends for life to support you on your journey as a parent.



Learn about the process of birth, what to expect, how you can help yourself and explore your choices around birth with a qualified and knowledgeable Birth educator. These classes are for women only.


Wear something comfortable that you can move freely in. Yoga mats and cushions are provided. If you would like your partner to attend a class, I hold monthly birth preparation classes for couples/partners.

These classes get very busy and I often have waiting lists; therefore booking early is advisable and classes are payable monthly in advance to keep your space.

Antenatal Yoga Classes

Weekly Yoga for Pregnancy Classes

Tuesdays 7-9pm

LAYCA Centre, Stretton Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 2RL

Wednesdays 7-9pm

Kineton Green Primary School, Kineton Green Road, Solihull, B92 7ER

£10 per class, Book early to avoid disappointment


For Further Information, Please Call Charlotte Holloway on 07876 577639 or Email:

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